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Barely Managing is a collection of frameworks, structures and approaches to managing people and operations. It’s also a place for sharing learnings and stories I’ve gathered over the years.

My goal is to help managers and operators get stuff done, be good company to their teammates on their journeys, and stay sane. I aim for the content to be as specific and applied as possible, which I don’t think really exists today. It’s my way to pay it forward.

I gained most of my operations and people management experience in high-growth technology companies – your fun may vary when trying to apply these in other settings.

Olga Narvskaya

My professional experience is in strategy and operations: first in management consulting with BCG, then in telecom, and finally in startups.

I was at Dropbox on the early side (joined when they were 200 people, left when they were about 1,400) and ran User Operations and Revenue Retention. Towards the end of my time there, we were a 100-person team spanning San Francisco, Austin and Dublin.

Next, I was responsible for operations – ProductOps and BizOps – at Clara Labs, a seed-stage human-in-the-loop scheduling startup. During my time there, Clara was a 12-person team. I managed 1-2 internal folks and up to 200 remote contractors.

Most recently, I was a VP of Operations at Segment, a customer data infrastructure company. As Segment grew from 120 and 360 people, I developed my team from 3 to 15, spanning BizOps, Pricing, SalesOps and BizTech.

These days, I’m helping dynamic startups and leaders with scaled operations, BizOps and people development, plus working on this site.

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working together

I take on operations and people development projects for leaders I like in dynamic startups. Given the nature of operations, these projects range rather widely in topic. My current work includes scaled operations and team processes consulting for a leading data labeling startup and success metrics for a series-A developer hub startup. 

I also partner with one of my favorite people ever, David Klemenz, to roll out Career Conversations in companies that haven’t implemented them yet. We did it together at Segment. I bring the framework and the manager perspective, he actually knows what he’s talking about in coaching (being a certified coach helps).

Do you think you might like to do something together? Send me a note at the email below, and let’s talk!

I'd love to hear from you! Please email barely[dot]managing[dot]net[at]gmail[dot]com

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